Roadside Geology of PA

The hundreds of millions of years of history folded within Pennsylvania's rocks tell a remarkable story of destruction, creation, and transformation. With an assortment of maps, diagrams, photos, and expert descriptions, Roadside Geology of Pennsylvania is the ultimate travel companion for those who have little or no training in geology. Bradford Van Diver expertly guides the traveler through the wonders of Pennsylvania's complex geology seen from the road. Like a lively storyteller, Van Diver keeps jargon to a minimum and translates intricate geological processes into basic explanations so you can understand the events that shaped the landscape of Pennsylvania. Highly useful even for those who are just passing through, this guide makes the science behind this state's geology more accessible than ever. Roadside Geology of Pennsylvania has a place in the library of those who are interested in understanding and seeing firsthand the forces that have shaped the Keystone State. Bradford B. Van Diver (1927-2002), was professor emeritus of Geology at SUNY, Potsdam. He began a history of rock climbing while studying at the University of Colorado and later he earned his PhD from the University of Washington. He taught at a number of institutions and was a member of several associations, including the Adirondack Mountain Club, the Colorado Hiking Club, and the Carolina Mountain Club. Van Diver was an avid mountaineer, hiker, photographer, woodworker, kayaker, skier, and world traveler.
Roadside Geology of PA
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